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There are those who would swear by Aerobics workout and will tell you that is all you need to do to keep fit and stay in shape, and still other who are at the other end of the spectrum, who will tell you that strength training is the most important exercise activity you could do, and so you have one group who concentrate on lifting weights and another only on cardio. Well who is right?Before I answer this question its important to draw a distinction between aerobics workout or cardio and weight training or body building.Aerobics, cardio workout.The word aerobics literally mean “with air”. It is the process of increasing the heart rate through continued and sustained activity, e.g. running for 30 minutes of biking for 45 minutes. The increased heart rate will mean that your body will require more oxygen in order to maintain the sustained activity. This increased oxygen will be accomplished by your bodies natural response to this sustained activity by employing hard, heavy and deep breathing, this in turn will suck more air or oxygen into the lungs and by extension throughout the body.This elevated oxygen throughout the body will, over time mean that your body will develop the ability to burn fat more quickly and efficiently, strengthen muscle tissues and improve blood flow. The heart will in time become larger and more efficient at pumping blood around the body even when your body is in a relaxed state. Less heart beat by an efficient healthy heart means less ware and tare on our heart and the arteries.The overall health benefits are too numerous to cover in this article but a few benefits are; Proper maintenance of blood pressure and the likelihood of high blood pressure of low blood pressure, proper and efficient burning of fat and the body’s ability to maintain proper weight ratios. Stronger heart, lower bad cholesterol, increase the good cholesterol, proper hormone balance, proper brain function and mood control, effective conversion and breakdown of carbohydrates and simple sugar in the blood stream and regulation of insulin. This prevents the unset of type II diabetes. Aerobics activity increases energy levels and your overall metabolism.I can go on and on with the benefits of consistent cardio or aerobic activities but time will not permit. SO I know what you might be thinking, aerobics exercise is the way to go right? It is far superior to weight training right?
Well not so fast. Let’s look at the meaning of and the benefits of consistent weight training.Weight Training
Weight training is the activity of lifting weights or using muscle resistance in a range of motion. Weight training involves increasing the weights incrementally over time in order to constantly challenge the muscles, which will result in muscle strengthening and growth. Weight training usually involves more weights resistance and less repetition, an example of weight training would be bench pressing 50lbs, three sets of 12-15 repetitions each.Weight training is not always done to body building levels, were you get huge muscles and look like the terminator.Many people will decrease the weights and increase the repetitions. So instead of 50lbs you would lift 25lbs and instead of 12-15 reps you would do 30-50 reps each set.Weight training will build muscle mass and also strengthen muscles and tendons. The benefits from a good weight training routine are also many and can include; Muscles need a lot of energy to function so they naturally will burn more fat, this is great for losing and maintain proper weight ratios. Stronger muscles will inevitably lead to stronger bones; this intern will prevent osteoporosis and weakening of the bone as we get older. Stronger muscles will mean less back injury and joint pain and injury. Weight training also keeps the arteries and veins flexible supple and healthy. Stokes and heart attacks are significantly reduces when a consistent weight training routine is employed. You always feel your best when you look your best so the psychological benefits should not be ignored.
So I think you get the idea and the point I want to make in this article, they are both very important aspect of a well rounded exercise regiment.Think of the benefits to be derived from combining a good aerobics routine with strength training workouts. That is why I always recommend having a comprehensive and well balanced workout pan that will include cardio and weights training.For beginners you would want to start simple and small by working out 5 days a week, Mondays through Fridays using the weekend to rest and recuperate. When you are just starting out, use Mondays and Tuesdays for your weight training and Wednesday through Friday for your cardio or aerobics workout. The following week reverse the order by doing your aerobics exercise on Monday and Tuesday and your weight training on Wednesday through Friday. Continue this routine for a monthThen start doing 30 min of aerobics and the 30 min of weight training Mondays through Fridays. Continue this for another month and then increase your cardio to 45min and your weight training to 35 min, five days a week for another month. On the 4th month you should start doing 45min of weight training and 35 min of aerobics.On the fifth month start over the routine as described above. Doing these variables workout routines will constantly challenge your body to get leaner, stronger and fitter and will bring you to your goal that much faster.If this sounds all confusing and hard to follow the Nintendo Wii Fitness Games offers a perfect solution and a great balance between aerobics workout and strength training. The game is smart enough to make a workout schedule for your based on your starting fitness level that will get more advance as your fitness improves. No need to try to figure out what to do when and how much reps to do, your personal fitness coach will give you the instructions and guidance you need to succeed.So do not neglect your cardio of your weight training or throw out your weight training for your aerobics activities.And remember to get the go ahead from your physician before starting any exercise routine.Fit and healthy is not a fad but rather a lifestyle,Steve Robertson

The Cardio Lie – Aerobics Cardio

Is all exercise created equal? Is there a superior form of exercise that will produce greater fat loss and in less time than others? The answer to the first question is NO, not all exercise is created equal. And the answer to the second question is YES; there is a form of exercise that will produce better fat loss results and in less time than others. Ok, I’m sure you’re a little confused now. After all isn’t 300 calories burned on the treadmill the same as 300 calories burned lifting weights? Well yes 300 calories burned is 300 calories either way, but what we need to look at is the effect exercise has on your body afterwards, which I will get to shortly. But, first let’s start from the beginning when you first decided you needed to lose weight.The Moment of Realization?It happens to almost everyone at some point in their life. They have gotten married, started a family, took on a new more demanding job, or any other array of numerous aspects of life that demand more of your time. These new demands make it very hard to continue with your fitness routine, even though you know you should. Eventually we quit going to the gym all together. At first you think it is just for a couple months until we get caught up and then those couple months turn into a year, then a couple years. All the while your body gets a little less appealing, you put on a few extra pounds, and get more and more out of shape. Then one day it hits you. It could be seeing your pear shaped outline in the mirror, climbing a flight of stairs and getting totally winded, or even worse it may happen after being turned down from your intimate partner for the Nth time this month because they are no longer attracted to your fat, flabby, out of shape body. Whatever it is, it makes you realize you need to make some changes and make them fast.At this point you have numerous options:
1) Start a diet – good choice as you definitely need to change your eating habits, but dieting alone will still not get you into the shape you desire.
2) Start walking/jogging (cardio) – will help you lose a few pounds but you will plateau soon and still be flabby.
3) Lift Weights – best option, if done right, but usually the last tried.
4) Join a pick-up league – the extra activity is definitely great, but the sporadic nature of it makes it very ineffective and by currently being out of shape you are putting yourself at a high risk of injury.
5) Nothing – acknowledging you have problem and doing nothing to try correct it.If this is you and you are not even willing to try and correct your problem you are just pathetic. You will continue to gain more and more fat and get more and more out of shape until you eventually end up being diagnosed with a disease and told you need to begin a fitness program, if you’re lucky enough to not die of a heart attack first.So if lifting weights is the best option to lose excess body fat and get into physical shape, why is it then that it is the last option people try? Well, most people claim that they are going to start walking/jogging to get into better shape and build up to lifting weights. “They are just going to start out slow.” And this is exactly what they are going to get SLOW. Slow, if not minimal results, and very slow weight reduction. After a few months of this most people just decide that it is their lot in life to be out of shape and overweight. After all they aren’t 18 anymore. But it doesn’t have to be this way.Why “Cardio” FailsIf we were to grade fitness like we give grades to students in school “cardio”(steady-state activity) would receive an F in fat loss results every time. So why then do so many people continue to use “cardio” as the method of choice when they try to lose weight? Well, it’s easy and this is where the problem lies. But before I even get into to that let me first explain what cardio is, because cardio is a very loosely used term. “Cardio” as viewed by most is walking or jogging at the same pace for a substantial amount of time. However, all activities are cardio vascular in effect, even sleeping. All the term “cardio” means is that your heart is pumping blood through your body to your muscles. So yes walking and running is a “cardio” activity, but isn’t lifting weights too? Yes, and weight training is much more effective for burning fat and body fat reduction.But, what about the “Fat Burning Zone”? What about it? It’s a myth that has been debunked for years, but for some reason is still believed as truth by many fitness enthusiasts. The “Fat Burning Zone” is the belief that steady and slow for an hour will cause you too burn more calories from fat during your workout. So let’s take a look at this in more depth. If there were such a thing as a fat-burning zone where your body used fat as its primary fuel what would be the most effective activities? Sleeping and sitting on the couch in front of the tube. Now, I’m sure we can all agree that neither of those activities are going to get us lean. And we can probably all agree that these activities will make us fatter. So back to the “Fat Burning Zone” this is a fictional zone that says our body uses fat as the primary fuel for energy.But as I’ve already said if we want to use fat as the primary fuel the most efficient way to do this would be to do nothing and sit on our butt. So why do so many people and treadmills alike emphasize the “Fat Burning Zone”? Because they are only looking at what fuel source is being used during exercise, not looking at anything afterwards. Yes, if you looked at just the exercise session more fat will be used if you exercise a slow but steady pace, you may even burn more calories. But, if you were to exercise intensely (e.g. as a weight training workout) for 1 hour you will not burn as many calories from fat, but you will increase your metabolism for the next 24-72 hours and over that time period you will burn more total calories than you will from a 1 hour walk/jog. In fact walking/jogging will actually make your body more efficient at burning calories, so over time you will not burn as many calories as you did in the beginning, which will result in you slowly gaining back any of the weight you may have lost in the beginning and end up getting even fatter.There are also two other reasons people choose the cardio equipment over the free weights and these are probably the more common reasons? It’s easy you can watch your favorite TV show while you plod along for an hour at a less than moderate pace. The cardio equipment is also less intimidating than the free weights and this also makes it a more appealing choice. But, this choice is not going to get you the results you are looking for.The Fat Loss Answer
To find the answer to the best fat loss program we need to first look at the research:1) In a 1998 study by Utter et al, they found that the addition of 45 minutes of aerobic exercise at 75% HRmax 5 days per week had no effect over dieting alone.2) 1987 Van Dale et al, did a study to see if aerobic exercise would give an additional effect to weight loss programs. Their results brought them to the conclusion that the addition of 4 hours of aerobic training per week had no effect on weight loss.3) 1997 Geliebter et al, compared the effects of strength training versus aerobic training on body composition, resting metabolic rate, and peak oxygen consumption in obese dieting subjects. They concluded that the strength-training group lost more body fat than the aerobic training group. And that the aerobic training group lost more lean body mass than the strength-training group.4) 2006 Williams et al, found that men and women who ran the same distance weekly year after year gained weight.5) 1994 Tremblay, Compared 20 weeks of endurance training to 15 weeks of interval training. The endurance-training group burned 28,661 calories and the interval-training group burned 13,614. The interval-training group burned less than half the calories of the endurance group. However, the interval group after adjusted for energy cost showed a nine times greater loss in body fat.After looking at these five studies we can make three conclusions:
1) Dieting or a restriction in calories will produce the same results as aerobic training.
2) Aerobic (“Cardio”) exercise alone will not have an effect on weight loss, in fact one of the studies showed that people actually gained weight with aerobic exercise alone.
3) Strength training and high intensity exercise will produce greater loses in body fat.From looking at the conclusions we made we now need to take a look at the type of fitness program that will help achieve a loss in body fat. We need to start with resistance training. I recommend 3 times per week focusing on large muscle group exercises and movements. Such as squats, rows, presses, deadlifts, pull-ups, and lunges. I prefer to use non-competing supersets over straight set with a 30 second break between each exercise. This will allow for enough time to recover but also keep the intensity high. It also is beneficial to end each workout session with 2-4 minutes of high intensity exercise. For example: using the Tabata Method of 20 seconds on exercise and 10 seconds of rest and repeat this sequence for 4 minutes, or perform a body weight matrix or circuit, or using a Kettlebell complex.By now I’m sure your asking so why does strength training and high intensity exercise produce better results? To answer this you need to look at what happens to your body when you partake in these activities. With strength training you build muscle tissue. Muscle tissue requires a higher amount of calories to maintain than fat. So this will cause an increase in your body’s metabolism and will result in you burning more total calories each day. High intensity exercise has been shown to increase your bodies metabolism for the next 24-72 hours after your workout, again increasing the total number of calories burned each day. When these two are put together you turn your body into a fat loss machine.Now, lets look at what happens when you perform aerobic exercise. Lets say today you run 5 miles and burn 300 calories and tomorrow you run 5 miles again, but now you will only burn 298 calories. How can this be you did the same distance and run at the same pace. Well, your body always wants to find the most efficient way to do stuff. So your body learns very quickly that it can continue to run the same distance and use less energy (calories), which decreases your metabolism. The only way to off set this would be too run farther or faster each day, which both of these solutions are limited by the fact that you can physically only run so fast and so far. Also with aerobic activity you will not build muscle tissue and your body will actually begin to use some of your muscle tissue as fuel. So with no muscle tissue being built and your body using muscle tissue as fuel you’ll will slowly decrease your metabolism and decrease how many calories your body burns each day. This is why aerobic exercise is a losing method to fighting the fat loss battle.